ZHIJIA TOOL & DIE CO., LTD. 东莞致嘉金属科技有限公司
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Kerry Jiang
+86 13925526572
Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
  Founded in 1998, Zhijia Tool & Die Co., Ltd. (ZTD called in short) has grown to one of the best Chinese tool supplier that builds progressive stamping tools for North America and European car maker's T1/T2 stamping plants. ZTD also has fast grow in transfer & Tandem tools manufacturing.
    ZTD has 250 employees, including 50 tool designers who are proficient in software of UG, AUTOFORM, CATIA, AutoCAD, Think Design. Designer team has very deep knowledge for Springback control. With 70 experienced toolmakers, we are specialized to build dies for aluminum parts and high strength part, some of parts with strength 980 DP Mpa. We supplied tools & dies for 180 parts yearly to America & Europe customers, covering automotive structure & connection, chassis, seating, suspension system, exhaust pipe, brake system etc..
    We always work on continuous improvement and dedicate on cost down to provide customers best quality with competitive cost. We provide our customers with comprehensive solutions that cover the entire automotive tool manufacture processes, from strip layout design, die structure design , project management, tool delivery to homeline tryout service.